There was never any choice for us. Some might have had illusions, but the truth eventually emerged.

We must make games. It is in our nature.

Otherwise we would just go mad! Gladly we all met at some point in our lives and decided to stick together for good and bad.

Having worked in the industry for a couple years we felt that there is something bigger for us out there. We craved the freedom of expression that only comes with being your own boss. So when the opportunity arose, we held our breath and took a leap of faith.

In our work we try to view all aspects of the development as equally essential to creating an immersive experience. Throughout the years we’ve spent in the industry we’ve come to the realization that games are now a medium, just like books, movies, music and comics – capable of delivering quality content to the audience.


Although we make our home in the historic, wonderful city of Wrocław, some of our team members also live in Barcelona and Zurich.


junior animator


producer and narrative designer


lead programmer


lead designer




art director and lead animator



The story:

“What if Dr. Frankenstein had survived the fire that engulfed his laboratory? Somehow shielded by his monstrous and tormented creation? What if Frankenstein, driven by guilt, decided to seek out mankind’s greatest threat and eliminate it? What if he somehow managed to trap count Vlad Dracula while he was transformed into a swarm of bats? 

Theme-wise we were inspired by the early works and concept art of Tim Burton and works of such artist as Don Kenn and of course Chas Addams – the cartoonist who created the “Addams Family”

The twist and humor of the whole concept lays in its scale. The action of the game takes place on a shelf full of mysteriously looking jars. The combatants trapped in the glass containers are creatures of (apparent) insignificance, such as mosquitoes, flies, rats and such. The player is personified by a curious little kid who orchestrates the events by breaking the jars. As usual the future of the world as we know it is at stake… the difference is that Frankenstein is not a gloomy middle aged man who wants to play “god” but his great, great, great granddaughter Julia, a seven year old who finds herself in a creepy old mansion basement and she is about to discover why her crazy uncle Igor is so terrified when she breaks open one of the thousands of jars placed on the near endless rows of shelves…

The mechanics:

While designing the mechanics for this game we knew we want to achieve maximum replayability and the best way to see it through is by procedural generation.

The toughest job was to create a design with a core-loop that would be childishly easy to grasp but with a tactical overlay that can make your brain sweat. Also we are huge fans of roguelikes and we just had to add a touch of it to the game.

Each playthrough is different, each setup of jars, their contents, the ratio of opponents and helpers, as well as the tools at the player’s disposal is always balanced but it will almost never repeat itself.

Also the meta of the game adds a real choice when it comes to how you will progress through the game, allowing you to create your own set of unique abilities on the helpers you have at your disposal!


Our second project is of course still a secret… but suffice to say its scope is much larger and with the design we aim towards a solid chunk of engaging gameplay that will keep you occupied for hours.

More info coming soon!




We all work with mutual respect, not only because we have worked with each other before, but because we all strongly believe that the best things can only be accomplished by people who feel comfortable around each other.

We’ve already started conceptual work on our next project and we would like to expand our party!

We are constantly looking for passionate people who would like to be a part of the team. So if you are ambitious and would like to feel the impact you can make on a production, don’t hesitate and let’s meet!

We are especially looking for:


Our office is located on Tamka Island in Wrocław in the Tamka ART HUB. You can find us in room 55 [the purple door] on the 3rd floor – rhyme not intended.

For all other enquiries please also use the email above.